At A Click Away

3 Mar

The quick fingers, the still heads

Often make me wonder at the modern threads

The seamless connections that bind millions

Have replaced the pavilions

No more are the books searched

As google is there to be surfed

To write the notes why take the pains?

Click a photo, record the lecture, only the battery drains!

Research is now a thing of past

Let the Apple work for you till the last

The IQ is tested not by words and theories

But by the show of money and technologies

And though Creativity and Knowledge look lost in the world of web

I still hope humanity and honesty on google will never look drab.


Being a Mom

1 Mar

Being a Mom.

Image 1 Mar


Aside 28 Feb

Wondering why I started blogging

To publicise so private feeling

May be someone somewhere will on random

Come to feel and fathom

The words so feeble

The feelings so gullible